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A Strong 4th Quarter Sends Shares of GoDaddy Inc. 11% Higher
Shares of GoDaddy Inc. (NYSE: GDDY), a provider of assorted domain name registration and website services dedicated ... CEO of GoDaddy, in a press release. "We see nice momentum heading into 2018, and are confident that our value proposition to customers ...

Web domains or Web Names being auctioned at NameJet by a private seller
Then buy which is easy to remember and perfect domain for web hosting. Hurry up as there is only one day left to acquire the name. We all need early advisor for everything we plan. This domain is for multi-use it can be ...

Why is the .bangla domain not popular?
There are some fraudulent people who buy domains just to hoard interesting names with the aim of selling ... Morshed told the Dhaka Tribune, “We have already taken some steps to popularize the .bangla domain across the country.” One of the first ...

The Internet Has Run Out of Four-Letter Dot-Com Names
If you want a snappy dot-com URL, you'll have to buy it from ... letter dot-com domain names are left unregistered on the Internet, according to new research by, a Croatian startup that analyzes domain data. Advertisement We’re not just ...

Why it's Worth it to Purchase Your Own Domain Name
Just one look. But with all addicts, I can't leave it at a look, so I often buy a domain name...just the's cheap—until you own ten of them! With that guilty admission out of the way... We have the opportunity to purchase millions of desirable ...

Small businesses face expensive fights for “.au” web addresses as experts sound warning over new domain changes
“My main issue with all of this is that there’s been no studies to say why we need ... means that domain names registered before April 2016 are more valuable than those bought after,” Stewart says. Stewart says if someone else were to buy that ...

‘Cybersquatter’ beats Breed to obvious name for her campaign website
“I agree a domain with her name ought to be owned by her,” Newman said. “If there’s a way we can help, we would be more than happy ... Breed’s campaign apparently offered to buy the domain for less, but wouldn’t say how much.

The 20 Most Expensive Domain Names Of All Time
We collaborated with DN ... Unless the plan is to buy and hold (which in most cases, it is), many of these purchases seem like huge wastes of money. NOTE: Web businesses have other assets and are not domain only sales, so they were not eligible for this ...

Did Apple Buy For $4.5 Million? It's Possible, But …
Last week, we also received a tip that Apple purchased ... but neither Xcerion or Apple has confirmed this at this point. And even if Apple did buy the domain name, this doesn’t guarantee that they’ll end up using it as a brand name ...

Pirate Bay Founder Launches Anonymous Domain Registration Service
On the Internet, Njalla helps to keep people’s domain names private. While anonymizer services aren’t anything new, Sunde’s company takes a different approach compared to most of the competition. With Njalla, customers don’t buy the domain names ...

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