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The Hidden Perils of Filing a Baseless UDRP Complaint
In the dispute, a recently formed Australian company filed a UDRP complaint in an attempt to seize the domain name despite having no enforceable ... 3.0 (

‘Putlocker’ Loses Domain Name Following Court Order (Update)
The site's registrar EuroDNS was ordered to suspend the domain name ... A Whois search reveals that the domain has been taken over by the registrar EuroDNS, who’ve pointed it to a blackhole. ...

10 more end user domain names sales
This week’s end user domain buyers run the gamut but feature several travel ... €5,000 – A .co name makes the list as this site redirects to, which claims to be spatial technology com...

Google makes it harder to search for results from other countries
For a long time, there was an easy way to conduct a Google search in a country other than the one you're in. If you wanted to get results specific to Japan, for instance, you would visit ...

Site-blocking provisions will be expanded in Australia
The proposed amendments attempt to make clear that the Federal Court has the power to extend an existing injunction to cover further domain names, URLs and IP addresses ... and the National Library of ...

LimeTorrents Fights Blocking Efforts With New Domain and Homepage (Updated)
Torrent site LimeTorrents has changed its domain name and updated its homepage ... is] blocked in many countries like India, UK, Australia, and also because our old homepage was removed from Google’s ...

Inquiry into new anti-pirate laws doesn’t bother with hearings
Although the legislation has won widespread support from organisations representing Australia's film ... Instead, they may just serve a search engine or telco with a list of URLs, domain names or IPs ...

Mobile industry and tech channel moves for December 2018
BT has confirmed Worldpay joint-CEO Philip Jansen will become its new chief executive next year, ending the search for a successor to current ... picking the right domain name and great ways to promot...

‘The nicest man on television’ — is Adelaide’s own Brenton Ragless the future of Today?
THE catastrophic Ash Wednesday bushfires across Southern Australia were a pivotal moment in the life ... Thinking ahead he secured the domain name ‘SA Almanac’ to use for an online version but says “G...

UDRP has its limits when it comes to taking down counterfeit websites
The case was filed by Australian ... a cursory Google search for “zim” would likely lead one to conclude that these letters standing alone almost never refer to Complainant.) Nor does the generic term ...

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