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Domain Name Registration In The Uk News

Best domain name registrars of 2019
Coming up with something new is a serious challenge, but once inspiration strikes, you'll need to register that name with a domain name registrar ... more expensive (.com rises to $15.17 and do...

UK: What constitutes online trade mark infringement in the UK?
Bangladesh-based Mr Chowdhury and his company Easy Fly Express, are proprietors of the domain ... the use of that mark must target the UK consumer (or EU for an EU registration ...

UK residents might lose their .EU domain names thanks to Brexit
Last year a DNW Podcast listener asked me what Brexit would mean for people in the UK. At the time ... who reside in the United Kingdom will no longer be eligible to register .eu domain names or, if t...

The Most Remote Island in the World Is Home to Seals, Seabirds, and an Internet Top-Level Domain
Aside from generic domains like .com and .edu, every country has a specific two-letter domain assigned to it. The United Kingdom, for example, uses .uk; Japan uses .jp ... which is not in use and not ...

Poker is dead: trying to sell domain name for $20m, nobody told them
There is a domain ... uk because a modern day samurai of the same name had already bought the .com version. I got divorced, wrote about it on my blog, upset my ex-wife, and decided to pull the whole t...

8 Critical Aspects to Consider When You Register a Domain Name
Buying a domain name is a simple ... the domain registration agreement. For this, ICANN has included vital domain educational materials for you on their website. In case of ccTLDs (country code domain ...

How to get creative with your domain name registration
Let’s take a look at 10 startups who got a bit creative with their domain name registration and shunned the “traditional ... and in other cultures they’re reserved for royalty!” is a UK-bas...

What does Brexit mean for .EU domain holders in the UK?
A DNW podcast listener emailed a question to me this week that I hadn’t considered before: Will UK residents still be able to register and own .EU domain names after Brexit is complete? Great question ...

Gateshead takeaway Moulin Rouge stripped of web address after row with famous Paris nightclub
the internet domain watchdog for UK websites, claiming the registration of the website was "abusive". Independent expert Tony Willoughby wrote he was "satisfied" Mr Oz was "blissfully unaware" he had ...

Cheap UK web hosting services to help you claim a spot on the internet
If you have a hard time coming up with your personal domain name, GoDaddy has professionals ... There is also a non-refundable fee if you register a free domain through iPage and wish to cancel ...

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