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Internet Grows to 342.4 Million Domain Name Registrations in the Third Quarter of 2018
and designs are registered or unregistered trademarks of VeriSign, Inc. and its subsidiaries in the United States and in foreign countries. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners ...

Tesla had “Faraday” as a backup name before buying “Tesla Motors” trademark for $75k
Due to trademark roadblocks in the US, Europe, and China, registering the simpler “Tesla” name was ... the wonder isn’t why someone would hold onto the domain name, but rather why the specific domain ...

Zambia: 'Register own trademarks on internet'
Mr. Mpolokoso allayed fears of companies registering other people's trademarks because Zamnet only gave domain names to companies registered locally. In a separate interview, Coppernet business develo...

ICANN surveys domain registrants about trademark claims notices
... is requesting feedback from domain name registrants about trademark claims notices from the Trademark Clearinghouse. Domain name investors that registered new top level domain names are probably f...

Should I Trademark My Domain Name?
The primary advantage of using a trademarked domain name is protection. If someone attempts to register a similar domain to steal your customers, you have legal recourse. This trademark will protect y...

Domain name protection with Trademark Registration
Domain name are inseparable identity of your company - Learn how right way of Trademark Registration can help you safeguard your brand. With the Increase in penetration of online market and visibility ...

'Google' This: Despite Wide Usage, Google Inc. Still Retains Trademark Name, SF Court Rules
Examples of formerly trademarked names that became generic and lost trademark protection are aspirin, cellophane, escalator and thermos. The case before the court began in 2012 when a New York man, Ch...

Ask HN: Someone registered trademark for the name of my product
Today I just realized, that Canadian company who owns the domain name already registered the trademark in Canada without the product released, and also pending trademark application in US. So the name ...

Trademark Owners' Rights to Corresponding Earlier Registered Domain Names
As I pointed out in last week's essay, having trademark rights that come into existence later than registrations of corresponding domain names only gets complainants to first base; they have standing ...

The Chinese trademark domain name scam in its entirety
An email-by-email look at this common scam. By now you are probably familiar with the trademark domain name scam. A company sends an email informing you that someone is trying to register domain names ...

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