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Domain Name Register Registration Services News

Global Top-Level Domain (TLD) Registration market scrutinized in new research
Domain registration enables users to reserve a domain name for a specified time period. Registering a domain name gives a unique identity to individuals and businesses. Domain registration can be eith...

UTM registration ruling deferred: Lawyer refers to constituting documents on party name not what’s in public domain.
The High Court on Tuesday reserved judgment on a challenge by newly formed United Transformation Movement (UTM) against the Registrar of Political Parties’ rejection of its application to register ... ...

How to Register a Domain Name for Your Website
Be careful about registering for more than a year ... Note that you can also transfer your domain name from one registration service to another. You'll want to do this if you're not satisfied with you...

Pirate Bay Founder Launches Anonymous Domain Registration Service
Today he launches the domain registration service Njalla ... TorrentFreak spoke to Peter Sunde who says that the service is needed to ensure that people can register domain names without having to wor...

TP-Link forgets to register domain name, leaves config pages open to hijack
has a domain name that owners of the hardware can use to quickly get to their router's configuration page. Unlike most other vendors, however, it appears that TP-Link has failed to renew its registrat...

TOT Internet Technology Ltd provides hosting and domain name registration services
TOT Internet ... domain parking, and free record management. It also offers trustee, brand registration, and company formation services required for some country extensions. The company has greatly si...

Verisign files intriguing domain backorder patents
Patent describes way to sell future rights to domain names through “encoding domains ... or the current domain owner relinquishing the domain registration. This would be accomplished by registering an ...

Uniregistry Unveils 'Domain Perks' Membership for Registrants
the world-renowned domain name registration company has announced the launch of Domain Perks, a new membership service designed to provide additional savings and benefits to domain buyers and investor...

Google Launches New Domain Registration Service
Google quietly announced Monday that it had begun testing a new service, Google Domains, that will let people register for domains ... made public a list of the new domain names it will offer. The pus...

Malawi: Utm Registration Ruling Deferred - Lawyer Refers to Constituting Documents On Party Name Not What's in Public Domain.
But UTM's lawyer Michael Goba Chipeta argued that all the necessary documents for registration purposes ... account what was in the public domain, sayng the name United Transformation Movement ...

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