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Apply These Best Practices to Secure Android and iOS Mobile Apps
Get your free copy for more insightful articles ... Another common mistake in implementing SSL/TLS is setting a permissive hostname verifier. In this case, the app won’t accept self-signed ...

Domain registrar and Web host Namecheap begins accepting payment via Bitcoin
As we noted last week, the company had been preparing to accept the currency for some time, and the move is official as announced on its website. Customers can use Bitcoins to purchase Namecheap’s ran...

Networking 101: DNS Forward and Reverse Lookup
The DNS stands for the Domain Name Server. It is an important part of the Internet, and serves as a directory to translate the web site address entered into ... Here, you supply the hostname address, ...

Turn an Old Mac Into a Cheap VPN with OS X Server
Your VPN will be able to act as a secure means to browse the web and connect to your home network from anywhere ... the status should switch to Available at [Your Host Name]. That means you’re all set ...

Apache Module mod_proxy
A reverse proxy (or gateway), by contrast, appears to the client just like an ordinary web server. No special configuration on ... X-Forwarded-Server The hostname of the proxy server. Be careful when ...

Dyn to Shut Down DynDNS Free Service
To our Dyn free hostname users: For the last 15 years ... ($30 a year I think) I only use it for one redirect domain name, and I thought I had to switch to the paid plan because they killed the free v...

Make Your Own URL Shortening Service
Copy all those strings of characters for the database's name, host name ... of your existing domain name, fill out the sub-folders and, again, leave off the slash. Your last setup step is to fire up y...

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