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Cheap Dedicate Server Provider offers several web-hosting services & Fully Managed Dedicated Servers
Unihost2U offers VPS hosting as well at similar prices. Next, the site offers domain registration along with its cheap web hosting packages. Packages for reseller hosting are Launch ($10.99/Month), Advanced ($19.99/Month) and Business pro ($49.99/Month ...

Arch domain and web hosting bundle provides a lifetime solution for just $24.99
Interested? Head on over to our Deals Store and grab your lifetime subscription to Arch Hosting. Get a domain and a lifetime of web hosting for dirt cheap. Put your mind at ease and focus on what you do best: your business.

It's HTTPS or bust: How to secure your website
To secure your website, you must install an X ... but you can't get a wildcard that will cover all your sub-domains. The easiest and cheapest way to get a certificate is to use Let's Encrypt with its DV certificates. Let's Encrypt is a free, automated ...

How to Launch a Great Digital Marketing Project on a Budget
Find out the cheapest and most effective digital marketing ... a startup digital marketing project is to upgrade your website. If you are starting from scratch, don't cut corners just to get a domain up and running. Make sure your landing pages are as ...

How to Host Your Own Website
You’ll need a domain name that points back to your local machine for ... If cost is a concern, check out our list of the best cheap web hosting where we break down providers that give excellent service at decent rates. Hosting your own website is about ...

Web design choices, from bespoke to point-and-click
During a brief period in the early 2000’s, commonly used web design packages such as Macromedia Dreamweaver (which became Adobe Dreamweaver) were commonly pirated, encouraging a slew of cheap web design ... which bundle in a domain name(s), email account ...

Why $10,000 For A Domain Name Is Still Cheap
Domain names are now an integral part of any business. Whether the use is primarily for email, a company website, or part of a marketing campaign anyone starting a business must secure a domain name. The difference between a domain name and other marketing ...

Get your Web domain name -- cheap
(IDG) -- PROBLEM: You want a Web domain ... Adding domain-name hosting would have increased that to $54 a month, not including $100 in one-time setup fees." Then one day he surfed across a banner ad for MyDomain, a company that promised cheap, fast URL ...

Registrar Namecheap let miscreants slap spam, malware on unlucky customers' web domains
Ultimately, the subdomains were exploiting McElhearn's website's search rankings to lure in netizens. "If you get a lot of traffic, the bogus pages set up on the sub-domain may inherit some of your website's prominence, allowing malicious users to serve ...

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