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Most Popular Domain Name Registrar: Namecheap
Some offered discount codes, others announced promotions to get out the vote (like Namecheap - which announced a $0.99 domain registration promo if they won, so make sure to take advantage of it if it ...

Clear Channel Outdoor: Run From The Equity, Buy The Bonds
The company looked cheap versus key comps Lamar Advertising (LAMR ... to license the Clear Channel trademarks and domain names. That's just another cash grab in my view, and it's unclear to me how the ...

Don't get gotten: How to avoid even high tech rental scams
"Rental scams are becoming more advanced and difficult to detect ... Make sure that the management company exists (it should have a website with the company's own domain name), or that the landlord is ...

10 Options for Hosting Your Startup Website
Funds only go so far, so your startup website needs to be near ... In addition to this cheap hosting, you get free stuff like free website and file transfer, free set-up and free domain name. This is ...

30 Ways You Can Spot Fake Online Reviews
Last week we showed you a few ways to spot fake online reviews and asked you to submit yours. We got some really great stuff! Here’s the tips and techniques savvy Consumerist ... name and model of the ...

Inside the dark web: ‘The truth is there is a lot of evil out there’
“The most popular thing sold on the Dark Web last year in the UK was Tesco discount vouchers,” he says ... Davis, from Wicklow went by the name “Libertas” on the Dark Web and worked as a Silk Road adm...

The Best and Worst Super Bowl Ads
So, let us not forget (on this national holiday dedicated to advertising) that these Super Bowl ads, good and bad ... They’re no longer the domain name service for horn-dogs who get turned on by bikin...

Namecheap cashes in on SOPA with MoveYourDomainDay
Additionally, for every domain transfer initiated on the 29th, Namecheap will donate $1 to theElectronic Frontier Foundation, to help them continue the legal fight against SOPA, PROTECT-IP, and other ...

Busy as a ZigBee
(The truth is somewhat more prosaic: the working group was mainly looking for an available domain name built out of a couple of short ... but it still isn’t cheap. The average new house in the United ...

Smart technology fights online fakes
They detect fraudsters who set up shop using domain names similar to legitimate brands or who plaster brands' trademarks and logos on their online storefronts. The companies also monitor counterfeit s...

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