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000webhost: How is it different from every other free web host?
Most other free domain hosting services don’t offer free main domain. They allow you to host your site on their domain or you will have to pay to purchase a domain name. Not with 000webhost. This web host offers you free domain name hosting service.

Arvixe Web Hosting
... offers a standard monthly web hosting charge, but it kicks savings your way if you commit to a multimonth or annual package. The Linux-based PersonalClass shared web plan (starting at $7) includes a free domain name you can keep as long as you use ...

Five Best Domain Name Registrars
We’ve discussed the best web hosting companies ... As their name implies, they’re some of the most affordable in the business, but domain names are the only thing cheap about them: Namecheap offers stellar customer support, free services like URL ...

Best free DNS services 2018
Most users continue to take Domain Name System (DNS) for granted, unaware of the hidden bottlenecks of internet service provider (ISP) services and the potential for improvement. Put very simply, the job of DNS name servers is to resolve public web ...

The best free web hosting providers of 2018
The costs of setting up and maintaining a website can add up quickly ... a US-based provider of hosting, domain name and reseller services. With more than one million websites hosted, It claims that its free hosting service is, "one of the most powerful ...

Blog Exposure - Oracle Announces Zenedge Acquisition; Set to Expand its Cloud Security Measures Post Execution of the Agreement
The Company's products and its 24/7 virtual Security Operations Center (SOC) currently defend over 800,000 web properties and networks globally. Register today and get access to over 1000 Free Research ... Infrastructure and Domain Name System (DNS ...

Why I use for my custom email accounts (and how you can too)
During that time I’ve lived in four states, changed Internet service providers a half-dozen times, and transferred the domain to different hosting providers ... There’s no such thing as a free lunch, of course. The web version of includes ...

20 Tools to Showcase Your Portfolio
You can personalize your portfolio anywhere from the style and logo to the domain ... website — folders become sections, files become pages. It's a lightweight PHP5 file browser app that installs on your own server, with no database required. Crevado is ...

Hosting your own website just got a whole lot more affordable
You even have the option to get that first domain name for free for the first year. You can choose from two packages. If you are an already established medium or large company, then Arch Hosting’s Business Web Hosting package may be better. It costs $44 ...

How to register your own domain name
Once you pay, you own the domain name. Now that your domain is registered, all you need to do is specify where computers looking for your domain should go (namely, the IP address where your domain’s website is ... is currently free for the first year ...

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