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Playing a Game of “Guess Who”: The Domain Name Dispute Process Post-GDPR
This includes lawyers, like us, who routinely check WHOIS to ascertain the identity of a domain name registrant ... the information collected was made publicly available by the registrar through the W...

Malibu: a Million Dollar Domain Name For a Billion Dollar Beach
Domain names are the most valuable business assets of the internet age – serving as both virtual real estate and corporate brand. Millitzer Capital is conducting a global search and is open ... Inform...

Preliminary Injunction Issued Against DomainTools Spells More Bad News for Domain Name Investigations
DNCL had conducted a review of its privacy services that showed New Zealanders were concerned about online privacy issues and believed that personal information was too readily available ... from sear...

Find your perfect domain name
With Media Temple ... your own name, as that will be the easiest way for people to find your work. Remember, domain names are how people find your website, so they should be simple, direct, and memora...

Get a .ME Domain Name from Hover
but a .ME has many domains still available. Check if your name is still out there and snag it today. Put your portfolio work up on a .ME domain name to share with potential clients, employers, friends ...

Domain Name Pricing History Check Before Buying
Some of these domain names have the prices listed right on the landing page while others have the pricing information available on a marketplace ... so I try to do a domain name pricing history check ...

OMG: Parents picking baby names based on DOMAIN NAME availability??
Parents... are picking names for their babies based on the availability of domain names or URL availability! FOR REAL YA'LL... check this out... A poll by GoDaddy finds that 20% of millennial parents ...

Millennial parents are picking baby monikers based on the availability of domain names
Mums and dads-to-be take inspiration for baby names from all sorts of places, but new research has revealed that millennial parents are picking monikers for their little ones based on available domain ...

Daily Poll: Would You Choose Your Baby’s Name Based on Domain Availability?
If not, I am sure he can find something suitable. Would you change or consider changing your baby’s name (I presume before he or she was born) based on domain name availability? Share in the poll belo...

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